Had one too many rides on the emotional roller coaster with your strong-willed child? 

Here's your ticket out of the amusement park!

Yes! I'm ready for solutions.

Let me guess...


  • You’re done with the daily meltdowns, the anxiety, the never knowing when your kid is going to lose it…

  •  When you speak, it’s like your kids put on “mom voice cancellation headphones” and nothing is getting through…

  • The traditional parenting approaches just don’t work with your unique kid and you’re done receiving more “friendly advice”…

  • All the peaceful parenting tools and strategies are only giving you temporary relief and that’s NOT enough…

  • You’re done hiding from the outside world what your family is really like because feeling embarrassed about your family isn't how you want to live!


Imagine if you could have this future...


  • You’ve found a way to take down the wall between you and your child

  • After months or even years of trying to find the key to your child's needs, you've finally found the right one, and its working, REALLY well!
  • You still have a highly sensitive child and you’re still you, but you’ve both also got calm, safety and resilience on dial now

  • You've broken free of the roller coaster of over-giving, snapping, and then regret, to having boundaries you both can respect...

  • You’ve retired from parenting someone else’s way and it's both stabilizing and liberating

  •  You know in your heart you’re supporting your child to grow into the caring, resilient, humbly confident, and considerate person you know they are, without sacrificing his needs or the needs of the family...

What if I told you that all of that and more is possible?

What if you were about to gain access to a powerfully different program that was designed specifically for highly senitive parents of highly sensitive, strong-willed children? 

What if you received wrap-around support in a non-judgemental community, The Cove, to stabilize your relationship using mind-to-heart parenting, finally support both your needs so that you be the parent you always were. You'll walk away with an internal parenting compass to keep your family dynamic stable, fulfilled, and joyful.

Your Cove experience will be complimented by the life-changing Breakthrough Parenting Program that was specifically created for your exact situation and family.

You'll experience the power of group coaching coupled with individual attention that allows the proven system to sink into parenting through the heart. One that steps you into the confident, clear, calm, compassionate and courageous parent you know you TRULY are!


It is possible and it is here!


What can I expect in The Cove?

The Cove is the only online coaching program offering

  • individual and group coaching to provide maximum support
  • the proven Breakthrough Parenting Program path and
  • a powerful community for highly sensitive parents of highly sensitive, strong-willed children.

    It has been designed specifically to meet highly sensitive parents exactly where they are and help them discover tailored solutions and a path to calm, stable and healthy relationships and family dynamics with their highly sensitive child that actually works for THEM! 

    It offers both individual coaching and group coaching. Why? Well, because honestly, that’s the type of support that facilitates FAST shifts and creates LASTING CHANGE when things are at their hardest with our kids.

    Inside The Cove, you won't get lost like typical programs. You'll be seen, heard and supported. Your monthly touch point with your Cove Leader ensures you're getting everything you need. 
I'm ready to join!

You won't have to justify yourself in this community

Because I’ve been there. Because I get that parents need both community and individual support to thrive. Now there is BOTH a community of like-minded parents and one-on-one support specifically guiding you from wherever you are on your journey to where you want to go.

In The Cove you will:

  • Ignite radical, authentic joy so that you can let go of faking it with your kids and bring play in a way that actually builds trust and feels good to you, too.

  • Bring relentless and honest compassion, acceptance, and understanding to your family, which will open you to celebrate and treasure your kids for who they are, your family exactly as it is and YOU for who YOU are.

  • Discover how to establish boundaries that foster connection and collaboration so that you can give up the stress and burden of doing the daily things and step into parenting that you’re proud of.


What Other Cove Members Are Saying

"I have so much gratitude for Sonali, her team and The Cove! I appreciate the sincerity in the guidance and the lightness that is brought to what can feel so overwhelming.

The program is well designed and the way Sonali holds space with such compassion brings regulation, anchoring my nervous system and helping me parent from this place. 

The support offered here is unlike any other parenting program out there!"

- Melissa, mom of 10-year-old

"I'm a mom of a strong-willed, neurodivergent 9 year old boy. Sonali provides a nurturing space of healing and love. She is caring, insightful, knowledgeable, and truly magical.

I find myself being aware of so many more things, primarily healthy boundaries, root causes to behavioral challenges, and how I support my son.

My son has grown and stretched in leaps and bounds...and so have I. I recommend Sonali to anyone who is ready to do the work and experience how wondrous life can be as a parent of a strong-willed child."

-Nahline, mom of 9-year-old
Let's do this!

So how do we get you there?

Here are all the details!

Wrap-Around Personalized Support

      • 3 Cove Connect Q&As per month.  Bring your questions, struggles, and stuck points to Sonali to gain insights, personal attention, and laser-focused coaching. This will allow you to recharge and return to your family feeling confident and supported. 
      • Access to The Cove private Facebook community.  This is your community of like-minded, soul-centered parents who are focused on solving the same problems you are and holding the space for your family’s transformation. 

1:1 Support

When you join The Cove, you'll be assigned to one of our two dedicated Cove leaders, Jennifer or Marisa.  With your Cove Leader, you'll have:

        • 1 twenty-minute private coaching call per month
        • Access via email when you have specific questions and concerns.  Struggling with siblings?  Want to learn about receiving?  Your Cove leader will guide you to resources in The Cove and support you live.

Transformative Coaching 

These exclusive trainings are proprietary to Sonali and can only be found in her services.
  • The SHUAVE process™: The mind-to-heart technique that shows you HOW to communicate so your child feels heard, valued and empowered. You’ll discover the impactful methods for rebuilding connective tissue that repairs ruptures in the parent-child relationship so that you feel grounded, confident, and happy in your child’s company.
  • Boundary Circles™: A map detailing our relationship with our boundaries.  You'll understand what boundaries really are, how we can establish boundaries that SUPPORT our relationships with our kids, deepen connection and step into possibility. You’ll finally feel free to let go of guilt and hesitation over boundaries, learn how to assess where you are in relationship to your boundaries and have a clear path to return to you when your boundaries have been overstepped.
  • Venn Diagram of Needs: This is an in-depth understanding of what your child is REALLY asking/demanding/communicating/raging/fearful about. With this knowledge in hand, you’ll be able to be in a situation with your child and unpack the underlying needs for both your child AND you. Once you know this, you’ll find through example after example how to meet those needs in a way that works for your child, you, and others in your family.
  • Receiving: An only-found-here way of meeting our child when we notice ourselves thinking "He's ten but is acting like he's four." This is not a tactic, but rather a needs-oriented approach to supporting our children with their unmet past needs. You may know about inner child work for adults. Think of this as meeting our children's inner child. This is a radical, supportive approach to restore any rupture you've had in the past in your relationship with your child.

Resource Rich Library 


  • LIFETIME ACCESS to our foundational course, the proprietary Breakthrough Parenting Program. This includes 18 pre-recorded coaching sessions filled with exact coaching on the methods, strategies, and systems you need to transform your family into a calm, confident, connected, courageous, resilient team.
  • Access to ALL FOUR Seasons of "Raising Your Strong-Willed Child". Over 100 conversations with renowned experts in the parenting space. Conversations are between Sonali and guest experts such as Dr. Mona Delahooke, Dr. Laura Markham, Ned Johnson, Larry Cohen, Patty Wipfler, Dr. Justin Coulson and more!

What if in a year...

  • You reclaim the peace, power, play and pleasure in parenting
  • Through the path of parenting, you become the person you know you are
  • You regularly trust yourself, and feel confidence, freedom, and CLARITY in your day to day
  • You feel FREE to let go and enjoy your kids for who they are AS you are

The Cove is a special parenting community in which you will be seen, known, and appreciated. We’ve specifically created this intimate community to help bring together the most responsive parenting techniques with the most trusted parenting resource...YOU!

Here's how you'll know you're there...

  • You're no longer cycling over regret as you rest your head on your pillow because you're proud of the parent you're being.
  • You can finally take that regular after-dinner family walk you've always dreamed of, and on that walk, you and your kids move between chatting, playing together, and this awesome quiet.
  • The muscles in your neck and shoulders are more relaxed because when you say "no" to something, your child can handle that without debate, negotiation or meltdown.
  • Car rides have become less stressful and you even hear your kids giggling in the back.
  • Mealtimes...well, let's just say, you're serving more than eggs for dinner every night.
  • You look forward to picking them up from school because you know you've got this!
  • You and your child have an understanding about homework, even though it's not their favorite thing, and it works without nagging and frustration.
  • It just feels EASY, NATURAL, and RESTFUL to be with your kids!
Let's get you in The Cove!

The Cove Membership is one year, but you'll see shifts in your first 1-2 months!

Case Study : Ania's Story

"I have been attending online parenting summits and reading newsletters from various parenting coaches for a few years now, so I feel I have accumulated quite some knowledge in this topic. And I still found myself overwhelmed by my children's challenging behaviors (meltdowns, resisting school) and feeling alone with it. I did a couple of test calls with other parenting coaches but I didn't feel that they get me and our particular family situation. As a highly sensitive person, and a mom to strong willed, highly sensitive children, I was looking for a community of people to whom I won't need to explain myself constantly and justify why this particular solution wouldn't work.

What I value about Sonali (and her team) is that she offers guidance, rather than ready solutions. She helps me discover the strength and wisdom that was in my heart all the time, covered by fear. In the Cove, I feel seen, understood, accepted as I am, not alone, and that is huge for me. And, there are the tools and ideas of course, which finally have the chance to work, when one steps out of the cage of stress and fear.

Within one month of joining the Cove, I notice small positive shifts in myself and family. There is more lightness and playfulness in our day. I particularly remember one evening, when I decided to follow my children's initiative to dance (even though I was busy in the kitchen at that time) and it evolved into one hour (!) of dancing, laughing and being silly. I don't remember when was the last time we all laughed so hard. It was liberating to let go of my schedule and just be in the moment. And we had such a wonderful connection time! I'm feeling so grateful and looking forward to continuing my journey along with my Cove community."

I'm ready to join!

What makes The Cove different is that we believe in order for authentic connection to happen, everyone's needs must be considered. 

When you focus mainly on your child’s needs-

  • You feel depleted and sometimes resentful
  • Your child learns that there are no win/win situations, so they decide they always need to win
  • Authentic connection and a rewarding relationship are missing

And in that rare moment where you focus on your needs-

  • Despite trying, you can't shake the guilt, questioning your choice, and feeling disconnected
  • You worry your child feels anxious, abandoned, and like they're too much
  • Authentic connection and a rewarding relationship are STILL missing

Here’s the thing…when you do this, it feels like either you lose or your child loses, and in both cases, your relationship with them loses.

Neither one of these approaches gives you the heartfelt connections both you and your strong-willed child crave. 

You wonder “Why is my child giving me a hard time?” “What am I missing?”

What if I told you not only are they not giving you a hard time, but your child is having a hard time?  AND…when you reflect on it, you realize that you, my friend, are also having a hard time.

Your child’s needs matter. Your needs matter.

In The Cove, we practice practical, real ways to support you in meeting both your needs and your child’s needs.

Yes, it’s possible for you and your family.

Yes, you can have the deeply connected relationship with your child that you crave.

And, not only is it possible, it’s what’s missing.  It’s the key. Meeting needs in this way is what allows a strong-willed child to finally feel safe so that their soul can rest and they can be the caring, humbly confident, and considerate person you know they are.

This program is not only the RESET button for your relationship with your child but also the support you need to make sure those changes stick.

Where are your people?  Here they are!  And check out what Cove members are saying...

"Today I feel more relaxed, empowered, and ready to be an awesome, fun, loving mom. Sonali not only brings out the best in you, but will give you straightforward advice on what you could do with certain behaviors to help you and your child through them so you are both winners."

-Suzanne, mom of 7-year-old

"Working with Sonali has been life changing for me! I have learned so much about myself while gaining clarity, confidence, and an extensive repertoire of parenting solutions. Sonali is safe, transparent, and authentic. She models the strategies that she teaches in all of her relationships. I now feel much more equipped and empowered to handle those tricky parenting moments when they arise."

-Erica, mom of 2, ages 14 and 10

"I can’t say enough about the importance of Sonali’s work with parents -- gosh, every parent needs a course with her! I wish I had had the knowledge I have gained about parenting highly sensitive, high-energy kids when my kids were younger. It is life-changing for the parent and child."

- Nancy, mom of 2, ages 20 and 17

I’m giving you permission to do this work AND have fun while facilitating connected relationships in your family.

Check out Jennifer's story... 

Don't forget about the Bonuses for those joining before February 8th, 2023!

New members will enjoy the following special bonuses:

Bonus #1: Lifetime access to "Raising Your Strong-Willed Child" (Value: $297)

A full collection of 4 seasons worth of "Raising Your Strong-Willed Child" recorded expert sessions which you'll have lifetime access to listen to and glean insights and inspiration to help your succeed. 

Bonus #2: Flip the Switch 1:1 Breakthough Session with Sonali (Value: $275)

We will talk 1:1 through your most pressing struggle and you'll receive an exact plan to give you rapid relief and an actionable solution for your exact need. 

Bonus #3:

Breakthrough Parenting Program Live (Value: Priceless!)

Attend the 6 month life-changing Breakthrough Parenting Program Live, including Live Q+A Sessions to answer your specific questions and tailor solutions to fit your specific parenting situations. 


Okay, I need The Cove!  What's the investment?


Pay In Full (best deal)


Best Investment - saves 2 months of payments!

Yes, I'm in! BUY NOW!

Monthly Payment Plan


12 monthly payments, less than a nice dinner out per month!

Let's do this! BUY NOW!

What exactly do I get in The Cove?


Personalized Coaching

3 group coaching calls per month

1 private coaching call with your Cove leader per month

One Live Conversation + Q&A each month with a guest expert

Community Support

Private Facebook community with video and comment coaching from Sonali and The Cove team

Learning Library

Lifetime Access to our foundations course, Breakthrough Parenting Program.  This includes 18 pre-recorded coaching sessions filled with exact coaching on the methods, strategies, and systems you need to transform your family into a calm, confident, connected, courageous, resilient team. 

Enjoy unlimited access to an extensive library of content including ALL past seasons of Raising Your Strong-Willed Child

Meet the Creator of Breakthrough Parenting and The Cove


Hi! I'm Sonali

I was that kid.  Now I have three of those kids.

I combine heart-centered and empowering parenting approaches to bring a parent’s awareness to the needs at the root of the unrest they feel. My passion is supporting parents to return to trust, connection, confidence, and delight in themselves and their relationship with their children.

I find children wise, attuned and present. I find parents wise, attuned and present. I'm here to support you in seeing this, too.

I live in Bangkok. I'm originally from the US and am of Indian origin. I have albinism, which means I have no pigment in my skin, hair, or eyes. What that makes me is clear. I see people in ways they don’t see themselves.

AND…I'm proof that it’s possible to repair just about any break in relationship with your child.


Yes! This is what I want.

Meet Your Cove Leaders

The Cove also offers a unique feature, our dedicated Cove Leaders. Your Cove Leader has successfully integrated the Breakthrough Parenting Program in their own parenting and loved it so much they wanted to pay-it-forward to other parents! They'll meet with you to discuss your unique path inside The Cove and keep in touch with you to ensure you are well-served and supported in your yearlong journey with us!


Hi there! I'm Jennifer. I'm the parent of two teenage boys, both of whom are highly sensitive, just like their mom.

After working with Sonali and watching the shifts occurring in our family, especially with my strong-willed son, I realized I wanted to pay it forward and help others finding their way with their highly sensitive, strong-willed kiddos. 

My family and I live in Houston, Texas. I like to garden, foster puppies, practice yoga, sing (especially harmonies), and salsa dance (even though my husband and I aren't that great at it) .

 I have been known to seek expansiveness and serenity in the mountains and calm introspection by a lake. 

I look forward to supporting you in your parenting journey inside The Cove!


Hi, I’m Marisa. I live in Arizona with my husband, 9 year old daughter, 7 year old son and our many pets 😀 (dog, bearded dragon, Guinea pigs, hamster, and fish).

Before I started working with Sonali, I felt helpless, hopeless, lost, and alone in parenting. Working with Sonali helped me to come home to my heart, and repair my relationship with my strong-willed child. I do this work so that other parents don’t have to feel lost and alone on their parenting journey and so they know that there is joy to be found in their relationship with their child.

I love listening, empathizing, validating, and helping Cove Members to carry their emotional burdens. I also love celebrating, whether it’s a parenting win, a birthday, or National Chocolate Chip Cookie day (which is August 4 by the way, in case you want to celebrate it with me 😉). We are so excited to welcome you to The Cove!

Want to chat with me about joining The Cove?

Book a call or email me at [email protected] and let's discuss if NOW is your time to enroll. I'd love to meet with you.

Let's chat

"I'm truly grateful for Sonali's nurturing and compassionate support as I navigate my parenting journey. She is incredibly intuitive and has an amazing way of communicating her wisdom in a supportive, non-judgmental way. During our conversations, I find myself taking extensive notes - trying to capture her words so I can reflect on them later and put ideas into action. I have truly seen the positive impact of our work on my relationships with my children, and with myself. Thank you, Sonali!"

-Julie, mom of 2, ages 17 and 14

"What I love about the Cove is the safety and acceptance, like a warm fuzzy blanket. No matter what issue I bring, I'm always seen as a good and loving mom who is doing her best. I love Sonali's approach to coaching - offering a different point of view, coming up with small doable steps and always checking in if that resonates with me. We keep tweaking together, sometimes for weeks (or months). I'm slowly shifting our family towards getting everyone's needs met, including my own. Sometimes it's a joy, some days I struggle and I can always come and rest in the Cove no matter what."

-Eva, mom of 2, ages 6 and 4


Right now, we are embarking on a journey toward change called the Breakthrough Parenting Program.

The Breakthrough Parenting Program (BPP) is the starting point where we recommend all our members begin.  Right now, we're going through BPP LIVE as a group together.  You'll learn the foundational concepts Sonali teaches that will transform your relationship with your child, including Boundary Circles, The SHUAVE process, The Venn Diagram of Needs, receiving, and more. 

Breakthrough Parenting Program is the only 6-month program designed to help aware parents unlock parenting from mind-to-heart, be the parent they authentically are, and establish boundaries of safety and inclusion while confidently leading with love within your family even when things are tough.

With each video, you receive both a teaching and a follow-up recording where parents with similar challenges as Sonali their questions.  This is one of the most powerful parts of the program because members bring up all of the "what about this?" questions that can't be addressed in pre-recourded courses.  (Spoiler: Sonali thrives on the "what about...?" questions because it's where she gets to work with members to discover what's at the core for them and their family personally).

This transforms the teachings from being static and theoretical to dynamic and applicable. And you also get to bring YOUR follow-up "what about's" and "what if's" to a Cove Connect call with Sonali or a 1:1 call with your Cove leader.

You get what you need for you and your kids.

We hope you can join us; we can’t wait for you to meet the person you have become 6 months from now! ❤️

I'm not waiting any longer!!! I'M IN!

The Cove Membership helps you uncover the triggers and stop the yelling

Case Study : Liz's Story

"This is what the Cove means to me:  Acceptance, love and care for the very CORE of me - my heart, mind, emotions and the actions that stem from these places. As a parent, I'm immensely grateful for the impact Sonali and her team have had on me. I keep finding the "science" (to prove what Sonali does) in books I read about life & relationships, but Sonali brings my HEART out... The parts of me I've left behind... The parts that I'm desperate to utilize, but keep being triggered against in normal life. There's nothing "normal" about Sonali and the Cove. She is exquisite, timeless, intuitive, caring and insightful to the max. And her Cove leaders are of the same caliber. 

I came to the Cove with lots of hurts and triggers and mostly wanted 2 things: to not be triggered so much in parenting and to be mentally and emotionally healthy enough to take on homeschooling for my son.  

Today, my son and I communicate and show/share emotions, patience & tenderness where there was very little in the past without yelling and tantrums (on both our parts). I recognize my triggers and have compassion on myself to get my needs met. And I'm homeschooling! And it's really fun! I love this boy and I could just explode in joy at how different my parenting life feels today. Nothing is ever perfect and that's become just WONDERFUL."

I'm ready to join!

Well, BUT... what about?...what if? 

Answers to your questions before you ask them...

The Cove may not be for you if...

  • You are looking for quick fixes so you don't have to think about parenting anymore.  Yes, many Cove members experience relief in the first week or month.  And, we're not talking about never having a bump with your child.  We're talking about building confidence and security so that you know you can handle whatever bump comes your way and enjoy parenting. 

  • You give up when something doesn't work with your child the first time.  We believe parenting is a process.  It's iterative.  You'll learn as you practice what your child needs, what you need, and what your relationship needs together.  In fact, how we handle those moments when something goes differently than planned with your child models important lessons for our kids about resilience.
  • You only want to know what to do to make your child stop.  In The Cove, we believe underlying needs drive behavior.  So, how we handle situations with our kids is not cookie-cutter.  A child may have challenges with brushing teeth because of sensory sensitivity or because of fears of being alone at night.  There are two different needs underneath what can look like the same brushing challenge. Understanding your child's needs will influence the heart-centered solution we create together.  This is why play-based approaches to manage behavior only work temporarily.  We address the underlying need to create stable, solid connection.

I know The Cove is for me!

And just in case you want to hear more from parents of strong-willed kids...

"Sonali’s view on play has been profoundly transformative. I have always made sure to take time to play with my son each day, but as a single mom, I often have a brain full of 10 million things I also have to do when I’m done playing. What I’ve learned from Sonali is that I’ve been giving my son attention, but not the connection he craves. Since I’m not able to take things off my to-do list, what I’ve learned from Sonali is to bring the intention of connection into all the moments of parenthood, and instead of checking “Play” off my to-do list, I’m BEING more playful. My son is responding beautifully! He’s soaking it up, and I am having way more fun in parenting again."

- Nicole, mom of 5-year-old, after just 2 weeks in The Cove

"Before I found Sonali, I felt unmoored, frustrated, and at a loss for how to help my children through challenging and escalating behaviors. Other peaceful parenting books and platforms weren't working for us. I could say the scripts and spend special time; however I was usually rejected in my engagement attempts or I was bombarded by overwhelming emotional/physical requests that I couldn't fulfill. Through The Cove and Sonali's coaching, I learned her SHUAVE method to truly meet and support my children's emotional needs. The biggest shift was Sonali teaching me that MY needs are as important as the children's (which felt so radical and freeing!) and that I could learn to balance our needs and work together as a team. I've learned to step back and I've transformed my understanding of how to help my children feel safe again after divorce and Covid. I often feel deeply alone in my parenting journey with 2 highly sensitive children, often receiving casual, unsolicited comments ("have you tried this?" or "I would NEVER let my kids do that!") that harm more than help. The Cove community is the one space where I feel heard and safe to express whatever emotions/circumstances come up, and never any judgement. I am so grateful for Sonali's work - I truly believe she provides an essential service that I haven’t found anywhere else. I feel like my words can’t do Sonali justice, that I’m unable to paint a true picture of her talents."

-Sissy, mom of 2, ages 10 and 6

"I started working with Sonali when I was feeling stuck in the impacts of my anger and resentfulness towards my own parents.  That was just the starting point in our work.  My relationships with my former husband, friends and son as well as life experiences all came up in ways that I felt safe to see, feel, speak to, and navigate.  We even worked on some work situations.  Amidst that processing, Sonali taught me clear and relevant concepts and skills that have become integral to how I manage my own empathic and sensitive self, balance my needs as well as others’ needs, navigate conflict, see what’s at the root of my students’ behavior patterns, and guide myself and others to living in integrity."  

-Chrissie, teacher, mom of 20-year-old

"Not a program or a system or a script, but rather Sonali in her gentle wisdom will uncover the direction already inside you, all the while giving you back your confidence and purpose."

-Catherine, mom of 2, ages 17 and 8

"Sonali's gift as a group facilitator is taking a question or challenge, whether it be about a toddler or a teenager, and approaching the scenario in a way that makes it relatable to all our situations and families.  For me, the insight, concepts, and framework Sonali offers parents as tools are universal, which creates a powerful, impactful group experience."

- Christina, mom of 12-year-old