Helping you simplify parenting so that you can truly enjoy your relationship with your child

I'm ready to begin!

I've been where you are...

Parenting a strong-willed child as a highly sensitive parent with my own important needs. 

Feeling like I was on a constant roller coaster of ups an downs that I couldn't get off. 

Maybe you've tried reading the latest parenting books, listening to podcasts, taking other programs, but you just didn't feel at home or like yourself when parenting like *that*. 

Those programs aren't wrong, they've got some great tools!

But..when that next tactic you try stops working after a week, it feels terrible. 

What you need is relief. Something that isn't a bandaid solution, but a true RESOLUTION

Because your needs are important, but so are your child's and it's time someone helped you honor both. 

It is possible and I can show you how, because you deserve to reclaim your relationship with your child in a way that feels good to both of you!

You already know…

You’re done with the daily meltdowns, the anxiety, the never knowing when your kid is going to lose it…

​When you speak, it’s like your kids put on “mommy voice-cancelling headphones”…

​The traditional parenting approaches aren’t working with your kid…

​And let’s be real, even the peaceful and positive parenting strategies and tools bring only temporary relief…

​You’re done hiding from the outside world what your family is really like.

It’s time to…

Take down the walls between you and your child…

​Make it safe for your kids to take off those headphones…

​Let go of parenting someone else’s way…

​Commit to bringing radical change to you and your family…


I’m so glad you’re here.

I’ve been where you are and I know how it feels. Let’s connect and develop some real, workable action steps to help you tackle your stressors and help you connect with your kids!

About Sonali

I’m a parent guide and founder of the much-loved Raising Your Strong-Willed Child Annual Summit.

I have a unique style which incorporates my own experience as a sensitive, high needs child turned parent of my own highly sensitive, strong-willed child. I combine heart-centered and empowering parenting approaches to bring a parent’s awareness to the challenges at the root of the unrest they feel.

Ultimately, my passion is supporting parents to return to trust, connection, confidence, and delight in themselves and their relationship with their child. 

I’m highly sensitive, intuitive, and I find breaking through fun. What that means is I bring fun to the time we share as we walk together on your journey. I find both children and parents are wise, attuned and present. I’m here to support you in seeing this, too.

I live in Bangkok. I’m originally from the US and I’m of Indian origin. I have albinism, which means I have no pigment in my skin, hair, or eyes. What that makes me is clear.

I see people in ways they don’t see themselves.

You’ll find me at the park jogging or in dance class. I sing loud when I’m listening to music with my headphones on. I like the rain… I LOVE the sensation of a downpour soaking through my clothes and the feel of completely letting go.

We’ll get along if you like chocolate and you would never EVER mix chocolate and fruit. I’m proof that it’s possible to repair just about any break in relationship with your child.

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"I felt lost, frustrated, and helpless with how to be my son’s parent. I now feel like a different person. Sonali has provided me with the clarity and empowerment I needed."

mom of 2, ages 4 and 1

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"I can’t say enough about the importance of Sonali’s work with parents -- gosh, every parent needs a course with her! I wish I had had the knowledge I have gained about parenting highly sensitive, high-energy kids when my kids were younger. It is life-changing for the parent and child. "

mom of 2, ages 20 and 17

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