Feeling stuck, I want you to know that you are safe and seen here. 


To try harder or do more. You are just the parent your child needs. 


A child with high needs and still have lots of good, fun times together. 



A deeply feeling, compassionate, parent coach and cheerleader, founder of the Raising Your Strong-willed Child Summit, speaker and educator, disability advocate and single mom of 3 wonderful complex kids.

Today I can say firmly that I love who I am and the life I lead, even though it has been a long and - not gonna lie - messy road getting here.

For the longest time I felt unseen and undeserving.



I didn't want to be the only one in my family with pink skin and white hair (my family is Indian in origin, and I look nothing like them. People, like me, with albinism, have bodies that make little, or no melanin, which determines hair, eye and skin color, among other things).

The short of it is, I felt like I stood out for all the wrong reasons, so…

I tried to fit in.

Later, I learned I was visually impaired and really didn't see things the same as everyone else.

I didn't like how folks made fun of my sight disability, but I didn't want their pity either.

So rather than raise my hand and voice my needs?

I tried to fit in.

And then when I had kids? What worked like magic for other parents ended for us in mega meltdowns.

But even then I kept doing what the experts told me would work.

A.K.A - I tried to fit in. 

(It didn’t work because doing the things that don’t work over and over again only bring the same frustrating results!)






(It didn’t work because doing the things that don’t work over and over again only bring the same frustrating results!)

Where was Sonali in all this?

Standing over there in the corner, head in my hands, catastrophizing, that’s where!

But really, what “fitting in” really meant was denying myself and my life. Wishing away my body, my personality - and my kids' personalities in the name of appearing normal.

But what's normal anyway?

No wonder I felt miserable!


changed everything

You see, in denying myself for so long, it got hard knowing what I really needed, and what my kids needed too.

Which resulted in a lot of stuck feelings. A lot of frustration. A lot of fighting. And waterfalls of tears.

Boundaries became my touchstone, helping me:



  • Stop enforcing rules I didn’t believe in just because everyone else had those rules. 
  • Fostering connection to blossom  naturally - rather than forcing it.
  • Recognize when a tool like Special Time would be useful - but also recognize if I could give it the full heart it deserved. 
  • Understand where my kids misunderstood my meaning, and where I misunderstood theirs. 

So that I could finally embrace who I was and who we are as a family - with all our little weirdnesses and unpredictable reactions.




Now, we feel connected like roots of an Oak tree - strong and resilient. And when stormy winds blow, we bend together.





I can plan a trip to the museum without fearing an epic meltdown. I can insist that a room gets tidied, without getting into a big fight about it. And I can decide that today, yes, I get to go out with a friend - even though one of my children has very strong feelings about that.

Now there's an in-my-heart trust that I'm a good parent, with great kids - even though we all mess up sometimes.

It's a switch that brings peace-of-mind, deeply felt connection and day-to-day joy to our family.

I call it my flow state in parenting, and I can’t wait to help you find that flow state too


If you feel like a parent who is always on high alert, those “gold standard” parenting approaches haven't worked, you're worried about your kids, and if they’ll ever fit in or do well, anxious about what everyone else thinks, or guilty about not giving your complex kid what they need, then stick around…

I’ll show you how you can confidently parent your complex kid - your little rule-breaker, freedom protector, curious questioner - in a way that meets both your needs and feels good to you both.

Discover mind-to-heart parenting that meets your child's needs and yours. 



We see and appreciate all that you are doing, and we bring light to the places that can feel overwhelming. 


Designed with high needs kids in mind, that fosters a stable, fulfilled, and joyful family dynamic. 


Know in your heart you are raising considerate, compassionate, life-loving humans.

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""I'm a mom of a strong-willed, neurodivergent 9 year old boy. Sonali provides a nurturing space of healing and love. She is caring, insightful, knowledgeable - and truly magical."

Nahline, Mom of 9-year-old

"Working with Sonali has been life changing for me! I have learned so much about myself while gaining clarity, confidence, and an extensive repertoire of parenting solutions. Sonali is safe, transparent, and authentic."

Erica, Mom of 2, ages 14 and 10




Sonali helped me repair my relationship with my strong-willed child, and I want other parents to have access to this work. I do this work so that parents don’t have to feel lost and alone on their parenting journey and so they know that there is joy to be found in their relationship with their child. It fills me up to listen, empathize and validate parents.

Lives: Arizona, US

Loves: Celebrating! Whether that’s a parent win, a birthday, or chocolate chip cookie day. Caring for our many pets - we have a dog, bearded dragon, Guinea pigs, hamster, and fish.


Mom to 2 highly sensitive boys

After working with Sonali and watching the shifts occurring in our family, especially with my strong-willed son, I realized I wanted to pay it forward and help others finding their way with their highly sensitive, strong-willed kiddos.

Lives: Houston, Texas
Loves: Fostering puppies, gardening, yoga and singing


Mom to a spirited child

I’m a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with previous experience in working with Neurodiverse Learners and I care deeply about children’s holistic wellbeing and supporting families.
After years of studying all things parenting, Sonali supported me in bringing the head based knowledge into practice in an embodied, heart-led way that felt so much better to my nervous system. As a complex, highly sensitive parent, I know how challenging raising complex kids can be. You don’t have to do it alone.

Lives: Orlando, Florida
Loves: My fluffy corgi, reading, learning, and spending time in nature hiking, Geocaching and paddle boarding.