Facing your parenting fears

Nov 10, 2021

As I write this to you, my mind is saying “You won’t share this one.”

It’s too raw.

It’s too open.

It’s not your normal parenting games or sitting with your kid as they have a meltdown.

Here’s the background story…

Have you ever looked at your child and, without meaning to, compared them to other children and wondered if there was something, well… wrong with them? 

Ever asked yourself why they aren't past regular meltdowns by now? Wondered why they weren’t into “quiet time” where they sat and looked at a book? Confused as to why they respond differently than others?

I’ve been there, too.

Somewhere along my way, my listening partnership - that’s where me and another parent exchange time listening to each other - became murky…after our “official” listening time, we started whispering words to each other about trust and faith.

And here’s my tweak on special time -- that’s one on one time with my kids -- my little secret. Before we start, I give thanks for my time with them and declare how excited I am to play with them. I intention set. You call bullshit? Yeah, you’re right… it’s a prayer of appreciation.  

And the universe just heard me say “bullshit” and still loves me. And I completely understand if you’re reaching to close this page right now... a few years ago, I was the same way.

The reason my fingers are typing furiously today is because parenting and soul alignment and spirituality BELONG together.

Don’t you deserve to have faith that your child is exactly as he is meant to be and on his journey in the perfect way to for his purpose in life?

God knows what he’s doing. There are no mistakes.

Doesn’t it feel great to rest in the thought that there is a reason you have been paired with your child?  

Wouldn’t it be nice to believe in your child’s goodness… and your own?

What if anxiety stems from a fear that things won’t work out in the future BECAUSE of lack of trust and faith?  

Parenting is about cultivating a child to have trust, faith and a relationship with their soul. Strong-willed kids know this. Are you ready to see this, too?